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Yoga Tree finds it's home within Pennridge Wellness Center. The Pennridge Wellness Center, an established healing arts facility in Blooming Glen, continues to expand their array of services already offered to the community. The studio features a beautifully restored space, experienced teachers offering a variety of types of yoga to practitioners of all ages and abilities. Yoga Tree is offers day, evening and weekend classes, to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Real Yoga for Real People

Nobody enters the world as an advanced yogi -- we all need to learn the basics of the yoga lifestyle somewhere. At Yoga Tree, there is absolutely no judgment, as each and every certified instructor understands that students must follow their own paths to yoga mastery. This spirit of calming and acceptance makes our local yoga studio an ideal setting for nervous beginners. We will guide you through the postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that are a part of each yoga class. You can do as much or as little during one of our classes are you feel comfortable doing.

In the same vein, Yoga Tree serves as an excellent location for those who have already experienced all the great benefits of yoga and hope to take their abilities to the next level. Each certified instructor makes a point of tailoring classes to participants, ensuring that everyone is challenged enough to keep things interesting, but not so much as to cause discouragement. If you are an experienced yogi, we are happy to take you on as a new client and help you on your journey to master yoga at the next level.

Talented Certified Instructors

The teachers at Yoga Tree have collectively spent dozens of years practicing yoga, and, as such, have plenty of first-hand experience with the resulting health benefits. But they are not just talented yogis -- they also are exceptional teachers. By keeping their instructor certifications current, learning amazing modalities and variations on this ancient science, our teaching family always ensures a fresh and new experience in class. This enables them to ensure that students experience the full range of yoga benefits. We encourage you to ask questions before and after class.

Contact us today to inquire about our schedule and sign up for your first yoga class.

Pennridge Wellness Center

At the Pennridge Wellness Center you will receive the best care through the use of modern chiropractic techniques and technology.  Dr. Leah Garlan and the staff at PWC have a genuine concern for your well-being and health.  For more information visit their website at www.pennridgewellnesscenter.com and follow them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PennridgeWellness/